Dorsey Consulting and Training, Incorporated is a Dekalb County certified professional service firm that has nearly 20 years of experience in providing the highest quality exemplary education and business consulting and training to learning communities with a major emphasis on curriculum design and development. These communities include, but not limited to: school systems, higher education institutions, nonprofit organizations, and the faith-based community, having been recognized and applauded by numerous entities in local, state and national arenas.  Career Development and Readiness have been a mainstay of curriculum projects created and implemented by the firm Embedded within this component is the acquisition of job seeking and job retention skills (tooling and re-tooling).

DC&T provides professional employability tools and resources for participants to become successful job seekers. The firm is committed to providing the best result-based practices in the area of employability skills and resources so that participants will be able to succeed and excel in the world of work. Coupled with the appropriate use of technology, job seekers can become cutting edge candidates in their quest for employment and sustainability.

Dorsey Consulting has extensive experience in marketing and instruction services in areas of 1) Resume Writing; 2) Interview Techniques; 3) Networking; and 4) Personal Branding/Marketing.