Attitudes, Values, Principles, and Ethics

Focuses on the importance of recognizing the role that attitude, values, principles, and ethics play in an organization from both leadership and subordinate perspectives, and how these are reflected in job performance; how they can be applied to the health and well-being of the organization-sustaining and creating efforts and endeavors; strengthening skill set of leaders enabling them to be proactive. It offers strategies and tools to enhance participants’ effectiveness from a team approach. Flexible time frame-


Standards and Accountability-Incorporating Best Result-Based Practices

Focuses on providing training that enhances the importance of understanding and utilizing standards and accountability in the work culture. It affords opportunities for developing action plans that infuse a code of ethics, standards, and accountability measures to be implemented as a part of the individual and collective job performance productivity. Flexible time frame-


Customer Service

Provides the foundation for quality customer service and focuses on building life-long customer relationship strategies. It includes content specific modules relative to acquiring and demonstrating quality customer service. Flexible time frame-


Building Public Trust

Provides the basis for building trust within and outside of the organization. The modules incorporate core standards of credibility as well as behaviors of high trust leaders and best practices. It gives participants opportunities to develop and implement tools and strategies based on current organizational and projective goals. Flexible time frame-


Proactive Leadership Strategies

Provides participants knowledge, skills and attitudes to proactively infuse and implement tools and strategies to create and sustain a positive work environment and moving the organization to the next level. The development of personal and corporate action plans is a vital part of this course in moving from good to greatFlexible time frame-


Conflict Management

Workshop/course addresses how to manage emotions during conflict while working collaboratively toward a win/win resolution. Participants complete a conflict style assessment, learn styles of conflict, and identify their dominant style. This course fosters an understanding of how conflict can be positive. Participants are introduced to tools and techniques that will assist them in effectively dealing with conflict situations. Flexible time frame-

Managing Organizational Change

Addresses the application of critical change management concepts and tools for current business and organizational challenges. It provides participants strategies to help manage change at both the organization and individual level. Flexible time frame-


Employee and Supervisory Relationships

Provides participants opportunities to explore, examine, and create avenues for recognizing the importance of developing, enhancing, and sustaining positive relationships in the work environment. It addresses the necessity of creating a culture of respect and teamwork. Flexible time frame-


Behavioral Diversity and Sensitivity

Fosters a greater awareness of diversity and sensitivity in the workplace. Open discussions, and team and individual approaches are infused to create an environment for recognizing and incorporating best practices in addressing behavioral diversity and sensitivity.  Flexible time frame


Communication Skills

Workshop gives participants practical applications of and tools and strategies to improve their communication skills in writing and speaking from various perspectives including verbal and non-verbal. Flexible time frame


Leadership Skills: Public Speaking

Provides a forum for practical application of skills, knowledge and attitudes for improving public speaking skills as leaders. Outlining and delivering oral presentations according to specific purposes and audiences is a focal point. Participatory preparation and execution are utilized as well as self and group evaluations based on predetermined standards. Flexible time frame-


Leadership: Understanding Stress

Workshop helps participants develop their leadership skills to lead others in times of pressure, stress and crisis-thus becoming more aware of their strengths and limitations while experiencing workplace pressure. Participants obtain the latest insights into what makes a leader able to manage themselves and others during times of pressure and stress. Flexible time frame-


Leadership and Performance Management

Explores understanding of leadership and management while explaining aspects and techniques of the process. Participants receive in depth knowledge base about styles, systems and practical techniques of effective leadership and management to enhance their roles within the organization. A variety of training methods are used in the course delivery, including discussion, self-diagnostic questionnaire, exercises, workshops and demonstrations. Flexible time frame-