DC&T Youth Leadership Program

Filling in the Gap for Learning Communities


The DC&T Youth Leadership Training Program Curriculum

Available for Youth Leaders and Other Youth Groups

(Learning Communities)



Interactive Workshops/Training Sessions


These workshop reflect the Georgia Department of Education Career Technical Student Organizations Core Values and the National Alliance for Secondary Education and Transition Youth Development and Youth Leadership Standards.


Vision and Goal Setting/Making Decisions


Self-reflection and Processing


Ethics, Values and Ethical Reasoning/Appreciating Differences


Dimensions of Leadership/Understanding Leadership (Leadership Styles)/Taking Charge/High Expectations


Communicating Effective/Persuasive Communications


Developing Individual Strengths


Negotiation and Conflict Resolution


Team Building/Group Dynamics/Collaborative Experiences-Networking


Exercising Community Leadership/Community Service


School Service Projects


Networking and Social Media


Strategic Action Planning(Tentative) -Reflecting Goals and Purpose


DC&T uses these workshops (sessions) as a foundation in planning and implementing its Youth Leadership Summit.






Workshop evaluations of each session are completed by participants. These are tabulated and summarized along with the stated recommendations and conclusions by DC&T. They are made available for feedback, improvement and further training.