The DC&T Teacher/Educator Training Program to Support and Enhance Effectives Relationships (SEER)


This program is composed of three courses:


  • Improving Teacher-Student Relationships
  • Improving Teacher-Parent Relationships (Partnerships)
  • Improving Teacher-Community Relationships (Partnerships)


DC&T Teacher Training Program to Support and Enhance Effective Relationships (SEER) emphasizes the importance and application of appropriate strategies and tools to foster positive relationships. This is a participatory program that utilizes team work and group dynamics in learning communities. Pre-assessment, post-assessment and the infusion of research best practices are integral parts of the delivery. Participants work in teams/learning communities to create action plans based on the class experiences and pedagogy.


This program supports the already established curriculum and fills in the gap for local systems and districts and other entities by focusing on established standards, research-based best practices for improving student, parent, and community-integrating the Design Thinking Process (Design thinking is a creative process that helps educators and learning communities design meaningful solutions in the classroom, at your school, and in your community (learning


Each course can be delivered separately utilizing a flexible delivery model.