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Staff Development

Your staff is the heart of your organization.  If they are not properly trained or well informed, it could tarnish your reputation with your donors, the clientele you serve, the community you are a part of as well as erode relationships between volunteers, paid employees and board members. 
Dorsey Consulting and Training know what it takes to help keep all those who are critical to the day to day operations focused and working collectively towards the same goals.  Our Staff Development service includes but is not limited to:

  • Performance Assessments –
    Dorsey Consulting and Training can conduct on your behalf or can guide you through the process of accurately assessing the contribution and productivity levels of your staff using assessment rubrics.
  • Succession planning – We help you put together a succession plan to be implemented in the event of an emergency or absence of a top level employee or executive.
  • Ethics and Diversity Training –
    Dorsey Consulting and Training can conduct in-house seminars and training workshops that will prepare your staff for a greater level of sensitivity in their work and communication.
  • Team Building Activities – To foster an environment of team work, we use a mix of on-site training and off-site retreats for a portion of your staff or your entire body of employees, volunteers, executives and board members.