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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is critical to the survival and growth of any organization.  Without clearly defined vision and goals,  accurate assessment of resources and strategies for realizing your mission, your organization will not thrive. Dorsey Consulting and Training Strategic Planning services are designed to get and keep you on course through

  • Analysis of Current Strategic Plan – We will provide a thorough analysis of your current strategic plan, if available.
  • Organizational Analysis – Dorsey Consulting and Training will conduct an organization wide analysis including (but not limited to) a needs analysis, a feasibility study and SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Treats) analysis.
  • Plan Development and Training – Dorsey Consulting and Training will work closely with your executive staff and key board members to develop your five year (and extended) plan plus guide you through the implementation process through a series of in-house training seminars and off-site training retreats.